African Initiative on Food Security and Environment (AIFE-Uganda) is a non-profit organization incorporated and Limited by Guarantee (January 2016) in Uganda whose role is to organize communities to be proactive against climate change and conserve the environment through biodiversity conservation, climate smart agriculture, research, community mobilization, teaching, and evaluation of practices.  These objectives are achieved while working hand in hand with likeminded civil society organizations, governments, and development partners that are both local and international, including the indigenous peoples in Uganda. 

We have carried out livelihood projects, campaigns, research, trainings, fieldwork and organized dialogues, seminars, and conferences all aimed at improving the relationship between human beings and conserving the environment while keeping their rights and livelihoods central to our agenda. We have been working on these matters since our establishment in 2016.


Our mission is to conserve biodiversity, mitigate climate change, and adapt to it, with the aim of improving species diversity for the benefit of people’s rights and livelihoods.


The vision of AIFE-Uganda is to become Africa’s organization working on Conservation of biodiversity for the benefit of the African people.


Atuheire Brian

Atuheire Brian


Brian Atuheire brings a wealth of experience in environmental and biodiversity conservation, coupled with climate change decision-making, spanning over eight years. His journey has been marked by a continuous accumulation of knowledge and expertise in the field. In 2016, Brian co-founded the African Initiative for Food Security and Environment, a youth-led organization where he serves as the Executive Director. This nonprofit entity, known as the African Initiative on Food Security and Environment (AIFE-Uganda), operates in Uganda with a focus on environmental and biodiversity conservation, as well as climate change mitigation and adaptation efforts.

Muhairwe Edgar Tushabe

Muhairwe Edgar Tushabe


Muhairwe Edgar Tushabe, a Strategic Communications expert, boasts a ten-year tenure in Communications and Journalism since graduating from Makerere University in 2016. Alongside his role as Managing Director of Margharita News, a pro-democracy and pro-environment organization, Tushabe is driven by his pro-people convictions. He aspires to cultivate a food secure world, resilient against climate change. In 2016, he collaborated with his close friend and professional ethnobotanist, Brian Atuheire Batenda, to establish the African Initiative on Food Security and Environment, reflecting his commitment to his vision.

Bigirwa Julius

Bigirwa Julius


Bigirwa Julius is a versatile professional with a Bachelor's degree in Library and Information Science from Makerere University. His expertise extends into digital communications, with a specialization in multimedia content creation, including graphics and video production. Additionally, Julius possesses skills in web development, database management, and systems analysis and development, reflecting a well-rounded proficiency in various facets of information technology with a robust experience of over five years.