Uganda is famous around the world for its biodiversity, which is especially enjoyed because so much of it is set in very fine scenery. But, in common with most of the world, some of this richness is being lost. The main threat to biodiversity conservation in Uganda is the increasing human population and the consequent demand for land. Competing land-use options (agriculture, timber harvesting, mining, oil and gas exploration) mean that biodiversity is oven overlooked. Over-fishing, disease and climate change have been and may be responsible for the decline of some species or their extinction. It is therefore critical to conserve Uganda’s remaining protected areas. This program is committed to reducing and eventually reversing the rate of loss, whilst at the same time managing the biodiversity for the benefit of all Ugandans, including the sustainable use of natural resources. This is through biodiversity conservation, education, restoration of ecosystems together with communities, CSOs and the Government plus its institutions.