African Initiative on Food Security and Environment (AIFE-Uganda) is a non--profit organization incorporated and limited by guarantee (January 2016) in Uganda whose role is to organize communities to be proactive against climate change and conserve the environment through biodiversity conservation, climate smart agriculture, research, community mobilization, teaching, and evaluation of practices.
These objectives are achieved while working hand in hand with like-minded civil society organizations, governments, and development partners that are both local.



Entebbe, Uganda



A habitat to many wild
animals, birds and plants

#The Green City Project

training urban families
how to practice backyard
gardening, indoor farming in their
kitchens and vertical farming

#Natural Resource & Governance
(NGR) Program

The NRG Strategic Area aims
at enhancing sustainable utilization
of natural resources and
improved participation by citizens
in governance for improved livelihoods,
food security and foster peace

#Biodiversity Program

This program is committed
to reducing and eventually
reversing the rate of loss,
whilst at the same time managing
the biodiversity for the
benefit of all Ugandans


Our Work

Our approach

We organize the ordinary person in the community to be proactive against climate change through community mobilization, teaching, and evaluation of practices while working hand in hand with government and development partners. We shall work heavily with the media for agenda setting and mobilization.


#StopEACOP Campaign.

The governments of Uganda and Tanzania, along with Total and CNOOC, are planning to build the East African Oil Crude Pipeline (EACOP) from Uganda’s Murchison Falls National Park to Tanzania’s Tanga port. This $3.5 billion project will displace thousands and harm wildlife, emitting 34.3 million tons of carbon annually, contradicting climate goals. AIFE-Uganda opposes the pipeline, advocating for renewable energy and protecting environmental defenders.


AIFE-Uganda participated in the #SaveBugomaForest campaign, which aimed to preserve Bugoma Forest, a habitat for numerous wildlife, birds, and plants that had earned Uganda significant foreign exchange earnings.

AIFE-Uganda Digest

AIFE-Uganda Digest is our monthly roundup of recently published briefings, journal articles, manuals, publications and news in the conservation world. Making AIFE-Uganda Digest great for the Africans In conservation.